the last blog

Its the end of Triskele Rivers 2016, It was a really fun year we did a lot of stuff.  We hiked a ton and went to cool places like OMSI and punch bowl falls. I am sad the season is ending I really enjoyed it.

We still have one more week, and are last week we are going to go to Lost Lake. When we get there we are going to hike around the lake, rent boats, and on the way back we are going to get milk shakes.

Now in my own life I am doing base ball, then later I am doing football,skateboarding and dirt biking. That’s pretty much it for the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday we went to Parkdale and made pottery. It was fun. We worked on this thing called a pottery wheel. It is kinda like driving. It has a giant wheel and a petal. When you push on the petal the wheel spins. When you put the clay on it, it has to get centered. Then you can make the cup or whatever you want to make. When you are done, you fire it, which is called bisc fire. Then you glaze it and then fire it again. Then it’s done. Today, I went to the local water alliance. We grabbed signs and rallied. It was pretty fun. That’s it for this week.

Punch Bowl Falls

Yesterday I went to Punch Bowl Falls. It was a fun and not a long hike, it was enjoyable though. We were hiking on a road for a while then we got to the river. When we got to the river we sat down and ate, and then I drank a lot of water. Next we got up to the cliff people dive from, it is like one-hundred and fifty feet tall. We hiked back to the car then we drove and made a last minute stop and got huckleberry milk shakes, then we got back, and thats all for yesterday.IMG_0267


Today we went on the hike called Wahclella falls. It is a twenty minute drive from where I am.  It is a two mile hike round trip. About half way in there is a giant cave with giant spiders in it, and I have arachniphobia  so that wasn’t fun for me. After that we went and found giant rocks that we climbed on,  then we got back and now I’m blogging.


phone in toilet

Yesterday I went for a hike at abandoned state park and ran around and jumped off rocks. Then when we were walking back we found two caves that were empty. They were really big and they were camouflaged too. We got back to the house and the facilitator thought she dropped here phone so she went back. But she didn’t find it, so she went inside and found here phone in the toilet. We all tried to get it out but we couldn’t. Later that day we did critical dialogue it was about a girl who communicate with animals.

flipped the four wheeler

This week I don’t want to talk about my week I want to talk about my weekend. This weekend I went to the sand dunes with my grandpa, grandma, me and my friend Abe. It was about a 3 hour drive there, then we went straight to the dunes. When we got there we unloaded the dune buggy and went out to the dunes. It was later that day, when we were done at the sand dunes, that we went and checked into the hotel. The next day we went to the pool then went out to the dunes again. We were driving along the coast for a little bit then my grandpa wanted to look for sea shells, but we still wanted to ride so we told him we would pick him up in 10 minutes. So, me my friend, and grandma went out driving- then like 5 minutes later we were drifting, then mid drift we flipped the vehicle. Nobody was hurt badly, but I hurt my ribs a little bit but when we flipped. It happened so fast, but it felt so slow, then two guys on four wheelers came and saw us and went to go get help. They brought back like 50 people and they flipped it back over, then later we went back for my grandpa then headed back to the truck. then we headed back to hood river which is where i live and that’s pretty much it for my weekend.

Multnomah Falls

This week we went to Multnomah Falls, it is a water fall that you can hike to the top. It is really beautiful- it is like one hundred and 50 feet tall. It was the first time I have ever hiked to the top. it was a long hike and it was pouring rain. It was a 40 minute drive and a 2 hour hike so it was 4 hours round trip. There was a tree that was tipped on its side that we climbed on it-was really fun. After we got to the top it was really muddy and slippery. Then when we got back down we got hot chocolate, it was really good.

multnoman parker



This week we went  on a hike to a state park called Viento. Viento is a forest with a lot of trees and rocks that you can climb on.  It was really fun and I also hiked up a cliff and almost couldn’t   get down. We also played a game called Eagle Eye. It is when someone sits on a rock, and he doesn’t look while the others hide , then turns around and  tries to find you. The first one to sneak up and tag him wins. That’s pretty much it for yesterday. Today I did math and then I went down town and made buttons for local water alliance which I talked about in my last blog. I also bounced on the trampoline with my friend Abe and played Eagle Eye with Nate, Jake and Abe.  Then I ate lunch and that’s about it for this week.

Parkouring and woolly mammoth

This week I did a lot. I found a skull that we think was a racoon skull, with Jake while throwing a ball down a cliff. Yesterday, I did this thing called local water alliance. It was about how nestle wants to buy the local water rights to cascade locks and bottle the water.

Today I parkoured on the rocks out side, its basically when you jump from rock to rock. Then we did critical dialog which was about cloning the woolly mammoth. I never knew cloning could be done, but I guess it’s possible.  I have mixed thoughts about it. I feel like if I was cloned I would not like it. I think I know why they did it in South Korea.  Because you have access to the woolly mammoth bones, and for money.

sick day

Today I did math and I am learning long division. After math I watched a video on refugees from Syria. They are at a camp in Jordan. The video was pretty cool, it was  from a kid’s point of view.It was kind of sad but at least they had a place to go.Yesterday I was sick so that is it for this week.